by Colleagial

Virtual Center for Digital Diagnostic Research

A platform for data storage, systematization and exchange of information in the field of dentistry and general medicine

High-tech services

An online resource provides quality business processes

Modern communication

Quality communication at all levels

Data storage

Storage and access to all data from any device

If you are the owner or administrator of a digital research center

Create your organization through an Internet-based platform. Get your subdomain for your company profile. Customize the interface to your liking.
Register doctors who cooperate with you. Use invitations with automatic sending out emails. Simple registration for doctors.
Create medical patient charts in chats with doctors and upload all types of tests to them. Doctors receive online notifications on email and Messenger about the research submitted by the center. Use the Online Messenger to correspond with doctors.

User-friendly interface

The possibility of customizing the interface and make your organization’s account unique

By registering on the web platform you can create your unique resource:

You get a separate page for the login of your customers with a separate address.
You create a unique view of the login page.
Choose the main colors of the interface.
Choose the main background of the interface.
Choose a picture for the background of the left site of the bar.

Together, all the possibilities to personalize the interface make your profile look unique. Thanks to all these features, your profile on this web platform can rightfully be called the web platform of your company.

You don't pay for the organization's account, you only pay for the created patient charts

You get the opportunity to create 20 patient charts for free.

Each patient charts will cost 30 cents in the future.

1 CD media costs 30 cents that was previously used to transfer files

You don't spend more money, you improve work processes and communication with your doctors.

To create a profile for your organization, you will need to follow several steps for setting up your account

You can see how our interface works watching the video below